"We want to encourage a healthier population.
HPMI brings a contagious passion for wellness to our organization."
— Sandra Steinman
Director of Human Resources, Jefferson Center for
Mental Health
Strategic plans beat the scatter-shot approach every time.

Once we've pinpointed where you are, we design a detailed roadmap to follow based on your data and your culture. You end up with a year-long plan that is comprehensive and easy to implement. Our experts bring to the table in-depth knowledge about the latest trends on health and wellness and an extensive track record of implementing successful programs.

We serve as your guide and provide the energy and leadership to create a sustainable health management program that effects change.

In addition, we'll provide recommendations for simple changes to your work environment and policies that support healthy habits. If you don't already have a wellness committee, we'll help you create and facilitate one and offer insight that will keep you on the right track.

At the same time, we'll familiarize ourselves with your healthcare plan and benefit design so we can incorporate health and wellness activities and preventative programs you're already paying for into your strategic plan.
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