HPMI has implemented health risk management and created good momentum, capturing a lot of data that helps us get in front of healthcare costs."
— Vice President,
Human Resources,
Health Benefit Consulting Firm
ROI vs. DNA: Can you really afford to Do Nothing at All (DNA)?

What to do about the rising cost of healthcare is perhaps the most challenging health policy issue facing the United States. What if you could implement a program that is not only popular with your employees but an effective strategy for managing costs as well? Studies show that implementing an all-inclusive wellness program can provide cost savings of $3 - $8 for every dollar invested.

Companies with the most effective wellness programs are those that are dedicated to implementing an ongoing program and constantly honing it to achieve optimum results. Annual re-testing and trend and progress reports show you what's changed from year to year. Based on your results, we'll make adjustments to the plan to increase effectiveness.

We also create fully-managed incentive programs. Incentives have been proven to be highly effective in driving participation in wellness programs. Rewarding employees who practice a healthy lifestyle translates to fewer health risks and fewer doctor visits — an outcome that pays for incentives many times over.

Read how one of our clients incented employees —
and achieved fantastic results!

The Myron Stratton Home case study
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